How to Coordinate Outfits for Family Photos!

Hey mama,

Are you stressing about what to put everyone in for family pictures? Well, I am here to help you and make it a little easier!

1. Pick a Vibe

When planning your photoshoots, it’s a must for you to choose what vibe you are going for. Do you want the photos to be fun with loads of candid shots? Something more serious and formal? Or casual and laid back? It’s important to decide what vibe you’re going for. This will help steer you in the right direction for choosing a location, color scheme and what pieces to wear.

2. Consider the Location of the Session

Before even picking outfits, I like to choose the location of our shoot. Sometimes I have locations in mind but am open to your suggestions. Think of downtown, beaches (Lake Arcadia and Hefner), Wichita Mountains, Salt Plains, Gloss Mountains, etc...

3. Don’t Wear the Same Thing You want to coordinate not match exactly. Sure, it’d be so much easier to all get the same t-shirt for everyone to wear, but it definitely wont look as good as it could.

4. Consider Textures I absolutely love textures and these can be pretty easy to incorporate into your outfits through a scarf or a hat or sweater. If someone is wearing a sleek and slim dress, put someone else in a chunky sweater.

5. Don’t Forget Patterns Pattern mixing is totally ok! just make sure the colors are in the same color family and don't clash. And by mixing patterns, I would spread it out over the members of the family and not so much on one individual. One person is totally ok to wear stripes and another plaid.

6. Go with a Color Pallet If it’s fall, you may want to go with fall colors, spring = spring colors, etc. One secret is to make sure that there is overlap in colors from person to person, but not all colors have to be worn on everyone. Does that make sense?

7. Pick YOUR Outfit First Choose your outfit first and base everyone else’s around it. Everyone knows that if mama is happy, everyone is happy and I think you’ll be a lot happier with the outcome if you take a minute to really focus on yourself and rock what makes you feel good. Even if that means you need to buy a new dress or sweater, it’s a win-win right?!

8. Make it even easier and use the Style and Select website. This is strictly for my clients, once you book a session with Whitney Bray Photography I will give you an access code.

And there you have it! Hope you found these tips on coordinating outfits for family photos to be helpful! Thanks for stopping by!

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